1. Is there a method for detecting the tooth toxins?
Yes! The OroTox test as defined by Prof. B. Haley OroTox is a simple, quick, painless and objective test for verifying the presence of tooth toxins.

Because: Dead and root-filled teeth can constantly release toxins in the form of denatured protein
compounds (methyl mercaptan).

2. Is there a method for systemic immunological sensitisation as a result of tooth toxins?
Yes! The secretion of cytokine induced in vitro in response to mercaptans and thio-ethers by the Institut
fürMedizinischeDiagnostik (Institute for Medical Diagnostics), Nicolaistr. 22, D-12247 Berlin, Germany.
Venous blood is sent to the Institute for Medical Diagnostics and tested for effector cell typing(IFN-gamma/Interleukin 10). Elevated values indicate a systemic impact. OroTox used for testing of individual teeth and diagnostics of individual teeth to establish the dental origins of mercaptans/thio-ethers.

3. Is methyl mercaptan regarded as a toxin hazardous to health in scientific literature?
Yes! However, it does not bear any relation to the discussion about root-filled teeth and systemic diseases. With OroTox, the dentist can decide within minutes whether this tooth is releasing toxins. Previously there was no verification method for correctly identifying suspect teeth.

4. Who is allowed to order the test?
Please note that we are only allowed to deliver to dentists and doctors. If you are a patient you may find under the menu item "User" which doctor in your area is using the test. Of course we also can send information to your dentist in case of interest.

5. How does the orotox test work?

The dentist takes a swab with a paper point from the periodontal pockets. This is completely pain-free. Then the sample needs to be mixed with the OroTox Test chemicals. Depending on the color change of the chemicals the dentist is able to make precise on the extent of bacterial load.

6. What are the benefits of testing for (dental) doctors

Fast and easy handling and immediate visible results.

7. What are the benefits of testing for those who are affected?

It is a modern, reliable method to determine a toxic load by "dead" root-treated teeth. The test is quick to perform for dentists and the result is immediately visible. Existing interference can be reliably detected and resulting interference diagnosed preventively - before they cause problems. The success of stove restoration can be checked with the OroTox test. The OroTox test supports Dentistry, prevents the formation of dental foci and inhibits the spread of bacteria and their toxins in the body.

A summary of international literature on these toxins can be found at (PDF LINK)


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