OroTox Instructions(hier downloaden) (PDF)
  • Please read the test instructions through carefully before the test
  • Perform the test BEFORE work on the sulcus such as taking samples or cleaning – blood can affect the result
  • A measurement takes a total of 1 minute
  • Insert a cotton wool pad immediately before taking a sample and dry the sample site with a sterile gauze or with compressed air

Depending on the problem at hand, insert the paper tip in the mesiolingual, dorsolingual or dorsobucal sulcus of the tooth to be tested.

Move the tip in an apical direction until a slight resistance can be felt. The paper tip can be removed again immediately.

Now place the tip in the reagent. After approximately 5 minutes the toxicity of the tooth in question can be determined on the basis of a measuring scale on the packaging.

Dispose of used reagents and paper tips.

Important for storage:

The reagents should be stored in a cool and dry place, if possible in a refrigerator (up to a maximum of 8 ° C). If the reagents are not properly stored, premature discolouration can occur.