Dead teeth

Treatments of roots and dead teeth: A critical assessment.

Dentists have learned to use root fillings to preserve dead teeth as mechanical chewing tools.

A wide range of endodontic procedures (= root canal treatments) have been developed to save millions of inflamed, dying and dead teeth. However, there are sufficient indications from medical
history and new findings from modern dentistry to give cause for concern:

Are teeth whose roots have been treated and dead teeth really harmless?
The position of supporters of root canals:
  • Root canal treatments are safe provided that they were successful.
  • The X-ray provides accurate information about the success of the treatment.
  • Since the arrival of antibiotics, focal infections (= remote effect) are no longer important.
  • With modern treatment methods, remote effects of teeth with treated roots can be precluded.
The position of critics of root canals:
  • Root canal treatments can be the cause of various systemic and organ diseases.
  • The X-ray is not sufficient to assess these system effects.
  • Bacteria can survive in endodontically treated teeth.
  • Toxic effects can emanate from teeth whose roots have been filled.