OroTox test - Part 1 / Sulfur-toxin-measurement

The OroTox test is a practical two-part colorimetric quick test to semi-quantify sulphur compounds (compounds containing thiophene), polyamines and total proteins in periodontal sulcus fluid (secreted fluid in the pockets). The sample of sulcus fluid is added to a mixture of reagents that produces a yellow colour change in reaction to sulphurous compounds of bacteria and fungi. The more intensive the colour change, the higher the concentration of compounds.

Evidence of the presence of H²S and other sulfhydryl compounds such as methyl mercaptan (CH³SH), dimethyl sulphide (CH³SCH³) and dimethyl disulphide (CH³SSCH³) is established. These are produced solely by anaerobic bacteria in the oral cavity. In addition, compounds containing thiophene such as gliotoxin also react.

OroTox test - Part 2 / Protein-toxin-measurement

The blue reagent  is designed to detect increased levels of total protein in GCF. These proteins and human inflammatory proteins such as antibodies and serum albumin. Bacterial infection has been shown to increase the levels of these protiens in GCF. The greater the level of total protein in the GCF sample, the brighter the assay mixture turns blue.

Please be aware:
The protein toxin test is not a stand-alone test . It is an additional test to the previous measurement of sulfur toxins!


Blood can produce false positive results in the detection of sulphur
Saliva will dilute the sample and lower the values.

Preparation of patient:
  • At least 1 hour before the test, the teeth must be cleaned without toothpaste
  • Do not use any mouthwashes with antiseptics or oral irrigators
  • Never take a sample immediately after dental treatment
The OroTox control test

To increase the informative value, a check can be made on a healthy tooth. This is best done on the front teeth, as they have the heaviest exposure to an aerobic environment and are last likely to be contaminated by pathogenic, subgingival anaerobes.

The control tooth should have no clinical features, be vital and not
filled at the root. In addition, there should not be any amalgam filling or capping and where possible the tooth should not be next to a suspect tooth.

General rule of thumb:

The lower the test results, the better the health of the tooth and mouth. The results are the most reliable approx. 2 weeks after treatment from a dental hygienist.

Durability guarantee:

The reagents can be used for as long as they are clear, transparent and odourless. Their shelf life is one year.

Test material:
  • 200ul reagent mixture OroTox sulfuric toxin test -> yellow seal
  • 200ul reagent mixture of protein toxin -> blue seal
  • Indication cuvette for every reagent
  • Paper tips for taking samples of the sulcus fluid
  • Colour scale for indication