How does the Oro Tox test work – Part 2 / Eiweißtoxin – Messung (Entzündungswertbestimmung)

The blue reagent  is designed to detect increased levels of total protein in GCF. These proteins and human inflammatory proteins such as antibodies and serum albumin. Bacterial infection has been shown to increase the levels of these protiens in GCF. The greater the level of total protein in the GCF sample, the brighter the assay mixture turns blue.

OroTox protein toxin measurement:
OroTox protein markers to respond:
Possible health implications of many inflammatory proteins are:
  • Provides image of the host response to bacterial infection
  • Is a diagnostic clue for treatment
  • Provides evidence on the links between chronic periodontitis and several systemic diseases
  • Antibody (heavy and light chains)
  • Bacterial alkaline phosphatase
  • Bacterial proteases
  • Fibrinogen beta chains,
  • Beta-chain Hb. 6
  • Ig kappa chain
  • Vimentin
  • Reach high tissue concentrations in periodontitis
  • Periodontium serves as a cytokine reservoir
  • Enter circulation and induce systemic effects
  • Blood plate aggregation and adhesion
  • Formation of lipid-laden foam cells
  • Deposition of cholesterol
  • Increased number of white blood cells

It is important to know that the protein toxin test is not a stand-alone test. He is an addition to the previous sulfur-toxin measurement.

Instructions for implementatition: Download.

protein tocxin measurement