Areas of application

Anaerobes in the dentinal tubules of nonvital and endodontically treated teeth frequently produce high concentrations of chemical compounds that are hazardous to health. Oral infections and focuses are therefore able to influence the pathogenesis and course of many diseases and symptoms.

Patients with peridontal diseases have

  • a 1.5 – 4.0x greater risk of suffering a fatal cardiovascular insult;
  • a 1.5x greater risk of a chronic obstructive lung disease;
  • a 6x greater risk of Diabetes mellitus;
  • a cumulative incidence of rheumatic diseases;
  • a 7x greater risk of premature births or underweight newborns (in women).
An interesting case

Woman, born 1940, experiencing recurrent swelling in the face and body for approx. 10 years.
Previous allergological investigations normal.
Treatment: antihistamines and cortisone.


The patient repeatedly indicated spontaneous pain in area 36
The patient repeatedly indicated spontaneous pain in area 36
Several X-rays were performed and came back normal.
Several X-rays were performed and came back normal.

Significant toxicity was established on the tooth with the OroTox test. 
On the basis of this finding, the otherwise normal tooth was finally extracted

Shortly after this, the patient confirmed:

“Since this tooth was removed, the swelling in the face and body has disappeared.”

Diagnosis on the basis of the histology of the extracted tooth together with curettage material:

“Apyetous chronic osteomyelitis with local ischemic necrosis”

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