OroTox®- Teeth health can be measured!

The OroTox test is a base test. He offers the possibility to be able to estimate quickly possible enzyme blockades of the mitochondria.
The OroTox test is a test to detect tooth toxins:



and painless

The Test helps in deciding whether a root-treated tooth needs to be pulled or instead can be rehabilitated and crowned.

With OroTox, you can decide within minutes whether or not the suspicious tooth will give tooth toxins. So far lacked a scientific method of detection to identify the suspicious teeth properly.

The OroTox test at a glance:
  • The test helps to determine whether a root-treated tooth has to be pulled or rehabilitated and crowned, even in the absence of radiographic changes
  • The test allows the patient to maintain their teeth without the risk of spreading bacteria and their toxins in the organism
  • The test answers the question:
    Do dead and/or root-treated teeth deliverpoisons which nerves damage or block vitalenzymes?
  • The test answers the question:
    Are there bacteria in the dentin pockets that can damage other organs?
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