Guest commentary on “Root Cause”  – a netflix documentary

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Root Cause – New Netflix documentary on root canal teeth and the systemic link

While it is one thing to talk about the science that shows how root canal teeth can become sources of infections that can harm your general health, it is another thing to understand the path from health to disease and back. A man’s story is the subject of a new documentary: Root Cause. The film begins with the story of the Australian filmmaker Frazer Bailey. As a young man who had just finished high school, he received a blow to the mouth that damaged some of his teeth. One of the front teeth could only be “saved” by root canal treatment. For a while everything was fine – until Bailey suffered panic attacks and developed chronic fatigue syndrome. From then on his health deteriorated steadily.
His search for answers led him on an extended health journey. He tried practically everything from orthodox medicine to various diets, dietary supplements and an amazing array of alternative medical treatments. He has even attempted spiritual healings. Finally, he learns that his root canal tooth was the trigger for his diseases. The film then shows his return to health and vitality by finally addressing the “root cause”.

The story of Bailey is interrupted by interviews with leading experts on the link between dental infections and degenerative diseases. They describe root canal teeth as dead teeth which are mechanically preserved.
They emphasize that this is not possible in any other organ of the body. If another organ is infected as the tooth is in this case, it is removed. Of course, they also discuss why tooth roots are so susceptible to harmful bacteria due to their structure, even after the usual “disinfection” carried out during root canal treatment. And because the procedure completely seals the inner chamber of the tooth, your immune system cannot deal with the persistent infection. Since the nerves of the tooth have been removed, the patient does not know that he is infected.

The documentary cites acknowledged and controversial ideas as: Unfortunately, our teeth are also energetically connected to our bodies via the meridian system. At the same time toxins in the tooth can enter the general circulation through the root ends still in the jaw. According to the film’s experts, root canal teeth have been associated with cancer, heart disease, autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue and other chronic health problems. They tell stories about their own patients, e.g. a student who got kidney and bladder inflammation after root canal treatment and a woman whose severe chronic back pain disappeared after removing her root canal-filled tooth. Stories that show where and how one can help and that inspire to evaluate the scientific background of these cases. Why are those hardworking critics foaming at the mouth like this?
With a rich combination of narratives and a wealth of expert testimony, Root Cause arouses the interest of the audience. The film provides an amazing amount of information in just over an hour. “New knowledge,” says the speaker, “is never adopted immediately. Rather, old knowledge dies out and the new takes its place.” Root Cause puts this new knowledge into practice in the hope that one day “the root canal method will belong to something of the past”.


Well done, but also with a bad effect, as this movie once again pours out the child with the bath water. With the bad statement (“breast cancer same side as dead tooth……” etc.) also the positive side of a more critical attitude towards endodontics is lost.

Funnily enough wrongly generalizing statements like these produce wild protests and defamations from specialists, while the Minister of Health Mr. Spahn does not have to answer to such reactions when he is – likewise wrongly generalizing – telling the world that there will be no more cancer in 10 years.

An amicable proposal for a return to objectivity:

The website provides literature on endodontics. In the DEGUZ monograph 02 – “The endodontically treated tooth – chronically immunological and chronically-toxic system cross-links” the interested reader can find further scientifically founded insights for fair and unbiased formation of opinion.

Netflix has meanwhile been cleansed of this film, although Art. 5 Para. 3 of the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany protects the freedom of science and art: “Censorship doesnot take place”.


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